Toba Capital was founded by Vinny Smith with the observation that a VC firm comprised solely of senior software executives would be uniquely positioned to identify promising companies and enable their success.

How We Work

Three of the partners are current CEOs, and the team has taken dozens of software businesses beyond $20m in sales, with two becoming billion-dollar-plus outcomes. Those experiences have resulted in a pragmatic perspective and a deep network of talent.

We’re lean on process because we believe in doing work rather than making it. As investors we are partners and collaborators at every stage of a company’s lifecycle — we meet your team where it is, and work with you to achieve success on your terms.

In some cases we help companies chart their course, in others we get in the boat and row alongside management.

Where We Invest

Our experience is in business software and technology-enabled services, and that’s our focus. We’ve made investments from seed to late-stage growth equity; our founders are deeply involved in every deal we do, so check size and company stage takes a back seat to the opportunity itself.

What We Believe

Our firm’s namesake, Lake Toba, was created by a M8 supermassive volcanic eruption  approximately 70,000 years ago. Some suggest the event was transformative for the human species, forcing us to innovate, explore, and become what we are.

To launch an enterprise is to carry the fire our ancestors lit when they first looked to the horizon. We named our firm Toba to honor those earliest ventures.